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How to Simplify and Modify Managed Services

Many companies are not concerned about managing their IT assets as much as they should. Yet, having an overview of all of your company’s IT assets is essential to planning and running your current and future operations. Finding the right managed services, especially in these cases, is important to each company’s success.

Better understand IT asset management

IT asset management provides complete visibility into a business’ IT assets. It is a set of best practices that combine financial, contractual, inventory and planning aspects. IT asset management optimizes the life cycle of your hardware and helps you make decisions about your IT systems.

In summary, IT asset management allows companies to understand:

  • What equipment and software are used
  • How they are used
  • How much they cost in maintenance
  • The maturity of the guarantee
  • The expiry of the maintenance contract
  • When they were added to the inventory

Benefits that pay

Asset management is generally a low priority for businesses as it requires extensive research, asset tracking, and frequent updates. Yet, by putting the tools in place to do this, the job can be greatly simplified. Centralized asset management lists the hardware and software that an organization uses for better budget planning.

By tracking IT assets and their inventory, it becomes easier to plan future expenditures while maximizing the use of existing assets. By ignoring the extent of your IT assets (hardware and software), it is very difficult to forecast the procurement budget. Even worse, companies could pay for unnecessary goods or maintenance contracts.

Better compliance management

Using specialized tools, it is possible to keep the hardware and software inventory up-to-date. This allows businesses to provide reports to their customers to demonstrate things like the presence of an updated antivirus on the entire server network. Such tools can quickly detect the presence of dangerous or simply unauthorized software, such as games, software downloads or malicious, etc.

Automating IT management with managed services

Many companies manage their IT assets manually, sometimes using Excel workbooks, which greatly increases the risk of errors, omissions, and inconsistencies. Managed IT services offer a much simpler and effective alternative. In addition to providing a detailed list of all components of the infrastructure, the IT inventory is powered by real-time detection of hardware and software assets.

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