Cialis – Knowing What to Expect

The most important thing you can expect from Cialis is a proven ED medication that works FAST with fewer side effects than other ED medications. When taken as directed, Cialis will begin working within 30 minutes to an hour, with effects lasting up to two days! This does not mean you will be ready to go for two days straight, but rather Cialis will remain in your system ready to go whenever you are, but only when you need it. Cialis is the ED medication that millions of men can count on, time and time again.

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Cialis - how do you advertise an ED drug?

If you want to sell a washing power, you show a homemaker throwing clothes into a machine, adding the miracle product, and then being amazed by the result. It’s more or less the same story with most other products and services. You can show real people using them and getting obvious benefit. Inevitably, there are going to be times when you have to resort to symbols. So, if you want to show someone saving large amounts of money or making significant investment gains, they can physically run from the store or office block brandishing a wad of the green stuff and shouting hysterically that they hit the big time. But what do you do if you draw the short straw and have to come up with ads for an erectile dysfunction drug. The “before” and “after” format that works so well for treatments to treat baldness is hardly suitable for erections. Just think. You would have to show a man with a sad expression and a hardly visible smudge of flesh hanging down between his legs. You watch him take the pill. A woman enters the room. His erection grows as long as an elephant’s trunk and both smile in expectation of good things to follow. That’s the man and woman, of course. The erection itself doesn’t smile.

But no TV station in the country would carry an explicit ad. Even though it would probably be legal and protected by the First Amendment, there would be waves of protest from all the family and church groups around the country. They would all say it was pornographic and, even if courts would not agree with them, it’s not the type of thing you should be showing on TV. It’s perfectly alright for couples to buy instructional DVDs on how to experience magnificent sex, or for men to quietly buy soft or hard porn from “those” shops or online. They are all adults and can watch the images in the privacy of their own homes. When there may be children watching something on Nickelodeon, parents do not want to be asked why this man suddenly developed a deformity. Was he sick?

So the creative folk in the ad agencies come up with stock situations. A couple are in the kitchen rustling up something tasty. Suddenly their eyes lock and, without bothering to turn off the heat under their bubbling pots, the walls of the house fall away and, as by magic, they are transported to a romantic camp site. There they recline, toasting their toes in front of the fire and our imaginations swell up like an elephant’s trunk. We assume they crawl into the conveniently provided tent and work up a sweat on the rock-hard ground. Then it’s back home for scrubbing the burnt-on food from the pots.

It’s a sad day in tinseltown when we are reduced to such obscure scenarios. Even allowing for difficulties in showing anything approaching actual sex, there must be better ways of communicating information about Cialis. This is a world-leading brand in a mature market. Most adults and more children than we care to admit already know what it is and what it does. So perhaps that’s all we need. A calm voice over just reminds listeners and viewers, “Cialis is the best”.