Cialis – Knowing What to Expect

The most important thing you can expect from Cialis is a proven ED medication that works FAST with fewer side effects than other ED medications. When taken as directed, Cialis will begin working within 30 minutes to an hour, with effects lasting up to two days! This does not mean you will be ready to go for two days straight, but rather Cialis will remain in your system ready to go whenever you are, but only when you need it. Cialis is the ED medication that millions of men can count on, time and time again.

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Cialis - no fizz or gum

There are new formats. One is offering a gum, the other a new melt-in-the-mouth pill. Cialis doesn’t need anything different. Cialis simply stays the best

Cialis not wanted by Milwaukee teachers

There’s been a fascinating case with Milwaukee teachers demanding ED drugs as part of their health plan. Cialis was not directly involved which was insulting since Cialis is the best

Cialis - how do you advertise an ED drug?

Creating ads is easy. Just show the product at work. Except, how do you show Cialis at work? Cialis gives men the power to enjoy sexual activity for 36 hours.

Cialis and its use by top athletes

Cialis is the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction but it also dilates arteries in other parts of the body. This makes Cialis useful to top athletes in their training.