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An Argument for How Modern Fiber Lasers Are as Cool as Lightsabers

If Star Wars has taught fans anything, it is that lasers truly are the most awesome thing in space. Yet, lasers are not exactly science-fiction and fantasy anymore. Yes, there are lasers to repair teeth and rearrange people’s noses around to the perfect straight angle. There are also lasers to cut things. If anyone is going to use a laser at all in 2017, this is the way to do it.

Time to Make Lasers

BossLaser has developed from the fascination of laser technology from two Army veterans. The company uses laser technology to accelerate the process of modern manufacturing through complex laser cutting machines. The company has different laser types in their resources, but it is the fiber technology that is most apparent and widely sought after. What is it about fiber cutting that is so cool and effective?

Features of Fiber Lasers

Fiber is looked at as the most efficient method because it does not require a lot of excessive moving parts. Fiber laser cutting uses very few extraneous mirrors to focus the lenses. In the laser itself, there are no moving parts.

It is simple to maintain because it does not have to account for these additional variables common in CO2 technology. CO2 lasers typically have at least the active mirrors at any given time. The general argument against this advantage is that fiber cutting is inferior in performance. This is only relevant when looking at the thickness. CO2 lasers work better in thicker cuts compared to fiber.


Fiber also has the wonderful perk of being pretty effective for different material types. The lasers can cut reflective material with ease and have it not damage the lenses. This works because the fiber lasers do not have a lot of lenses. Generally, the lenses would be damaged by cutting material such as copper or aluminum.

The reflections off the copper and aluminum would hurt the lenses. But, fiber has few mirrors in the direct line anyway, so there is no concern for damage. The consensus is pretty clear. Lasers are amazing, whether in fiber or CO2 form. Modern lasers aren’t lightsabers, but they do not need to in order to be appealing and useful in business.

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